I started playing the bass when I was twelve years old – six years after studying the piano. The piano provided excellent musical education but I just wanted to be in a band and rock. My first live gig was in the theatre pit for the high school musical Little Shop of Horrors, when I was still in 8th grade. My first paid bar gig was at fifteen years old with a classic rock/blues band in New Brunswick, NJ – I think I got $20, a burger with fries and a shout out from a bar patron for playing a fretless bass.

Fast forward almost 30 years, a bunch of bands and alot of gear later, I’m still laying down the groove with anyone who has a gig on offer. My playing style is to play what fits the song and situation. I’ve been told that I fit in easily with whoever I’m playing with and whatever genre of music.

  • 2013 Gibson Thunderbird
  • 2014 Fender American Standard Jazz
  • 3/4 Upright Plywood Bass – Manufacturer Unknown
  • Gallien Krueger MB200
  • Ampeg SVT810E 8×10
  • Schroeder 12PL 1×12
  • Smooth Hound Wireless
  • Countryman Type 85 DI
  • TC Electronic Polytune Nano
  • DOD Overdrive Preamp 350
  • 3Leaf Octavbre
  • Digitech JamMan XL Looper
  • DR Sunbeam¬†NLR-40 Lite Strings
  • Innovation Honey(140H) Strings (Upright)
  • Dimarzio Cables