It started in 1987, with a heavy influence from MTV music videos. There was always something about the bass, the player and that rumbling tone I admired. Maybe it also helped that noone wanted to be the bass player in the band back then, so I hopped on the opportunity. Fast forward 30 years, a bunch of bands and alot of gear later, and I’m still laying down the groove and open to new possibilities.


  • 2015 Prat M-BSV 5-String
  • 3/4 Upright Plywood Bass – Manufacturer Unknown
  • Gallien Krueger MB200
  • Schroeder 12PL – 1×12″
  • Schroeder Mini 8+L – 1×8″
  • Countryman Type 85 DI
  • TC Electronic Polytune Nano
  • Emma Electronic OKTO-NØJS
  • Emma Electronic DiscumBOBulator
  • DOD Overdrive Preamp 350
  • Dunlop Mini Crybaby Bass Wah
  • Thomastik Jazz Rounds Strings
  • Innovation Honey(140H) Strings (Upright)
  • Dimarzio Cables



An ongoing library of loops with live bass tracks and GarageBand samples. Sounds best through quality headphones or speakers.


In a completely other direction is some live hard rock and 80s pop from my last two bands, Spiral Scar and The Suspects.