My first surfboard shaping education came as a board addict consistently rotating through different shapes. I typically maintained a quiver of three to four boards and really lived by the one in, one out rule. This discipline really kept things fresh and helped me to discover the nuances of board design that would eventually lead to my own ideas and theories on how I approached shaping a surfboard. Here are some of the most influential boards along the way:

  • 5′ 6″ Steve Brom Twin Keel Fish
  • 5′ 8″ Maurice Cole Metro Thruster
  • 5′ 11″ Geoff McCoy Nugget
  • 6′ 11″ Greg Liddle m3p

Owning and riding these boards gave me insight into what would work best in the often tricky conditions we are faced with in the Garden State. Similar to design and music, it’s finding the best solution to a problem. In this case, matching the board to the rider and conditions. It doesn’t matter the skill level or size of wave, my goal has always been to make the board to how the customer rides and what they want to feel in the waves they ordered it for, basically to stoke people out in the water. I most enjoy shaping for the local market because when I head to the beach and see that goal hit firsthand, it’s the most rewarding part of doing this.

Some of my boards can be viewed amongst other interests on my Instagram feed: